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3 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Ice Machine

Did You Know? Your Ice Could Be Making Your Customers Sick


It’s true. Ice machine maintenance is extremely important to the health and safety of your customers. Whether in a hotel, restaurant or bar, if you haven’t cleaned your ice machine lately, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, scale, mould and mildew.

Frequent cleaning of your commercial ice machine is an essential part of routine maintenance. Not only does it support the sanitation of your overall operation, but also preserves the quality of your ice, helps extend the life of your ice machine and increases its performance.

Why Clean Your Ice Machine and Ice Bins Regularly

  • In addition to the refrigeration components, your ice machine uses a series of pumps, sensors and valves to produce ice.
  • Your machine will not operate properly if scale accumulates on a sensor or worse, obstructs a pump.
  • If there is scale in your ice machine, there could be bacteria in your ice.

Ice Machine Cleaning Checklist

  • Turn off the ice machine and unplug the unit.
  • Remove all ice from the bin and discard any leftover ice.
  • Clear the bottom of the bin by pouring hot water down the bin drain.
  • Wipe the inside surfaces with a clean cloth with an approved sanitizer.
  • Use a sanitizer with a low concentrate bleach solution or product provided by your chemical company.
  • Wipe the exterior, including handles and latches.

4 Tips to Keep Your Ice Machine Sanitary

  1. Do not use your ice machine as a refrigerator or freezer; don’t store bottles, cans or food in the ice bin.
  2. Keep ice scoops outside the ice bin and wash regularly.
  3. Practice safe ice handling; use gloves and never touch ice with your bare hands.
  4. Do not return any unused ice from any source (wine buckets, jugs, glasses, etc.) into the ice bin.

Call Your Food Equipment Technician Every Six Months

You and your staff can easily implement best practices for ice machine care to the interior ice bin and the ice machine’s exterior for preventative maintenance.

Call your commercial kitchen appliance service technician semi-annually or annually for a detailed and thorough cleaning using manufacturer recommended cleaners and descalers. Schedule your service call with Pinnacle today.