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Properly running and maintained refrigeration systems are a restaurant’s best friend. A good refrigeration system keeps the food from spoiling, so what do you do when your cooler, freezer or other refrigeration appliance fails you during a critical time? The trained appliance repair technicians at Pinnacle Food Services will get your refrigeration system up and running so that you can get back to running your business. No matter what the problem, we’ll take care of it for you: non-working refrigerators, refrigerators that are not keeping their cool, refrigerators that leak, refrigerators that make strange noises, refrigerator doors that will not stay shut, and more. Refrigeration equipment that we service and repair include:
  • Fridges – Reach-in fridges, walk-in fridges, prep-table fridges, under counter fridges, merchandise fridges, bar fridges
  • Freezers – Reach-in freezers, walk-in freezers, work-top freezers, under counter freezers, blast chillers, ice cream freezers
  • HVAC – Ventilation, heating, dehumidifiers
  • Ice Machines – Full-cube ice machines, half-cube ice machines, flake-ice machines
  • Coolers – Prep-table coolers, under-counter coolers
For refrigeration service or repair in your commercial kitchen, contact us today.

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