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Simple Solutions for Refrigeration Problems

Keep Your Cool Year-Round


No one wants to lose their cool — especially when it comes to commercial refrigeration. Pinnacle’s tips on what to look for and how to care for your unit can help prevent a meltdown — both for you and your commercial cooler.

Most failures on refrigeration equipment are due to inadequately servicing the system. As a result, improperly maintained systems cause higher energy prices and lower cooling capability, not to mention a potential loss of product, furthering your expense and adding to your repair headache.

Common cooler and fridge problems can be avoided with a regularly Planned Maintenance program and simple DIY steps in between service calls.

3 Common Causes of Refrigeration Problems & Prevention Tips

When one of your units needs repair it is generally due to one of three issues:

  1. Condensers need to be cleaned carefully with a brush every one-to-three months depending on the location and level of grease in the kitchen. A condenser coil rejects heat from the unit using the fan to cool the refrigerant inside the coil. **A blockage of airflow or a clogged condenser puts stress on the compressor, which can cause premature compressor failure.
  2. Adjusting the thermostat without resolving the primary problem can lead to further damage and possibly a breakdown. The temperature should be set accordingly and not adjusted by anyone except a manager, chef or service technician.
  3. Avoiding torn gaskets will keep the cool air in. The inside unit and door seals should be kept dry and clean of debris on a weekly basis. Ultimately, gaskets and seals require replacement; check the gaskets and seals regularly for possible cracks. **Gaskets are not typically universal and your service technician can properly identify, size and install your custom gaskets.

Seasonal Malfunctions

Ambient temperature affects the operation and efficiency of a fridge.

  • Summertime: ambient temperatures in kitchens can cause units to work VERY hard and potentially burn out. Ensure proper airflow or increase airflow to the condenser with a fan.
  • Wintertime: space heaters may overload circuit breakers and affect equipment if the equipment is not on a dedicated circuit.

Safety Tip

Before attempting any troubleshooting, unplug the unit to avoid the risk of electric shock. Do not use extension cords on any units, for any reason.

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