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Hobart Appliances Repair and Maintenance


Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Hobart has been a leading manufacturer of commercial food equipment and cooking equipment including bakery equipment in the food service industry for over 100 years.

Hobart manufactures products for baking, cooking, food preparation, refrigeration, warewashing, and weighing and wrapping. Key Hobart food service products include mixers, slicers, scales, wrapping equipment, refrigeration, warewashing equipment and ovens.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your Hobart commercial kitchen equipment will ensure optimal operation and reduce the risk of appliance breakdowns that will negatively affect your business.

Commercial ovens are the most widely used appliances in restaurant and hotel kitchens. It’s essential to keep them in good working condition for your company’s success and satisfaction of your customers.

Scheduling preventative maintenance for your commercial ovens, stovetops and ranges, can reduce potential costly repairs or replacements. Gas and flames are the most explosive hazards of restaurant kitchens and it is important to service your cooking equipment on a regular basis to ensure everyone’s safety.

Hobart Appliances: Commercial Ovens

Hobart convection ovens with the latest technology offer a choice of gas or electric in every model, which will reduce your energy costs.

The Hobart Combi® Oven is the workhorse of your productive kitchen that delivers versatility, efficiency and consistency.

The Hobart KA7E self-cleaning rotisserie oven is energy and labour saving and designed to be easily serviced.

3 Signs Your Hobart Oven Requires Repair and Maintenance

Oven Temperature Is Not Hot Enough
  • If your oven is over or under-heating, you may be dealing with a faulty thermostat. Otherwise your thermostat may be in need of recalibration.
Food Is Not Cooking Evenly
  • An improperly installed thermostat can produce unreliable temperature readings, unevenly cooked food and ultimately, unhappy customers.
The Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit
  • If your pilot light won’t stay lit, it may be due to a faulty thermocouple or safety valve.

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