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Walk-in Coolers & Walk-in Freezers: Sales and Installation

Pinnacle Food Equipment specializes in supplying and installing walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and combination walk-in cooler/freezer units for the commercial food service industry. walk-in-coolers Pinnacle is proud to supply and install various models from Norbec in addition to a number of trusted manufacturers. Pinnacle can install any standard or custom size walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer in your restaurant with consideration of your space constraints so you’ll maximize the most out of your workspace. Commercial refrigeration is one of the most important areas of any restaurant or commercial kitchen. If you are considering buying a walk-in cooler, we’ve outlined the steps from ordering to installation to help you better understand the procedure. Pinnacle is positioned to take care of all of your Vancouver walk-in refrigeration installation needs.

Ordering & Installation Of Walk-in Coolers & Walk-in Freezers: Our Process

1. Load Calculation: Before we can determine what kind of refrigeration system best suits your needs, it’s important that we perform a load calculation. The calculation is based on what you are going to store in your walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer. For instance, an entire rack of steaming hot product will require a bigger system than if you intend to store only cold product. 2. Size: Walk-ins are designed with flexibility to meet your needs so that you always get exactly what your application requires. We offer a selection of standard sized walk-in coolers and freezers as well as custom-sized units that can be built to your specifications. Custom size boxes make for an exact fit and nominal size boxes are slightly less expensive and have shorter lead times. An endless variety of nominal and custom sizes are available. Panel length, depth and height can easily be modified to meet every job site’s needs. 3. Dimensions: For nominal sizes, dimensions are approximately measured every foot (5’9″, 6’9″, 7’9″ and so on). If your restaurant has a space of 6’1 x 8’3, a nominal sized cooler would be 5’9 x 7’9. All dimensions are to the outside of the box (inside will be 6″ smaller). If our customer requests a nominal size, we determine the maximum size that will fit and then offer the closest nominal size. A door panel is the same size as a standard wall panel (4′) and therefore the door can be put on any side of the box in place of a wall panel. Once we determine the box size that our customer’s location can accommodate, we will provide a detailed quote for supply and installation. **Additionally, we provide a drawing, which is critical to establish dimensions, and submit it to our customer for approval and sign off. If the quote and drawing is accepted, the sign off creates the order. 4. Delivery: The factory ships the insulated panel sections to our customer’s location. At a pre-scheduled time, our crew will meet the truck, offload the product, assemble the box, and install the appropriate refrigeration system. 5. Assembly: Installation involves assembling the panels together (there are cam latches built into the edge of the panels that latch into the adjoining panel). Once the box is assembled, all joints are sealed with silicone. A walk-in cooler is assembled on the restaurant’s (flat and level) floor, whatever the flooring material; however, a walk-in freezer requires 3′ floor panels, the same as the wall and ceiling panels, but with heavier cladding to withstand foot traffic. Insulation is required or the cooler’s floor will lose too much heat or take on too much heat from the ground. At this stage, the appropriate refrigeration system is installed. 6. Refrigeration Systems — Penthouse and Custom: A penthouse unit is a self-contained system including a condensing unit (discharges the heat outside the box) and the evaporator (absorbs heat when warmer air is passed through, thereby cooling the inside of the unit), which is positioned in a square cutout of one of the roof sections. The air inside the walk-in is drawn up through the evaporator coil located with the condensing unit on top of the walk-in to be cooled. If space is important, a penthouse unit is the most suitable. A custom refrigeration system consists of an evaporator mounted on the ceiling inside of the box and the condensing unit mounted either on top of the walk-in, or in some cases outside on the roof of the building if it is preferable to pump the heat right out of the building.

Does Your Restaurant Already Have A Walk-in Cooler Or Walk-in Freezer That Requires Assembly?

If you have a new or used walk-in cooler that has been purchased through another source, our team will build your walk-in and install the refrigeration.