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Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines Repair and Maintenance

Commercial Ice Machines and Ice Makers

ice-omatic-services-logoWhether you have a Cube, Flake, Pearl Ice, Dispenser, or Storage Bin commercial ice-making product from Ice-O-Matic, properly maintaining and repairing (when necessary) an Ice-O-Matic machine is easy and essential to extending the life of your equipment. Your commercial ice machine should produce fresh, hygienic ice — all day, every day, whether you are a small restaurant, pub, or a large hotel organization. Ice machine breakdowns can be a costly addition to your company’s bottom line, particularly if you have to purchase cumbersome bags of ice from a convenience or grocery store, or pay for a single ice delivery. Conducting regular maintenance of your Ice-O-Matic machine will avoid such needless expenses. A regularly serviced ice machine shouldn’t fail to produce fresh ice. Most ice machine breakdowns are caused by neglect. Ice machines can quickly get clogged up with lime scale, mould and slime, which don’t just cause damage to your unit, but also can pose serious health hazards to your customers.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Cleaning or de‐liming an ice machine is removing mineral buildup and scale from the evaporator and other components.
  • Ice-O-Matic recommends cleaning the ice machine at least every six months.
  • More frequent cleaning may be needed depending on water quality and filtration system used.
  • Cleaning will not remove microbial, mould, or slime.
  • The machine should always be sanitized after cleaning.
  • Ice-O-Matic recommends sanitizing or disinfecting an icemaker a minimum of every six months.
  • More frequent sanitizing may be needed if the machine is in a high yeast environment or if RO water is being used.
  • Ice‐O‐Matic recommends cleaning be done by a trained technician and that they follow detailed steps as prescribed in the Technical Service Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My machine will not run, what should I check?

A. Make sure the ICE/OFF/WASH switch is in the ICE position. This switch is located behind the front panel. On under counter machines you may need to check the thermostatic bin control. On modular units confirm that the splash curtain is properly installed with the tab behind the switch.

Q. Why won’t my machine go into ice harvest?

A. Two things must happen before the machine can enter harvest. The suction pressure must drop below the set point of the low-pressure control, which we call a timer initiate. When this occurs the timer initiate closes and supplies power to a delay timer. The delay time is usually set between 3-5 minutes. When the time on the delay timer passed power is then sent to the harvest components.

Q. My low-pressure timer initiate is closed and my delay timer is closed, but the machine still won’t go into harvest. What is the problem?

A. There is a High Temperature Safety that senses the temp of the suction line. Its purpose is to open if the machine stays in harvest too long. The HTS is located on the suction line. If it fails in the open position, the machine will not enter harvest.

Q. My under counter machine won’t run. What is wrong with it?

A. There is a static bin control that shuts the machine off when the bin fills with ice. This control may need to be adjusted. To determine if that is the problem, locate the bin thermostat sensor below the evaporator where the ice forms. Find the brass rod and take a dishrag with hot water and rub it on the tube. If the machine comes on, adjust the bin stat.

Q. How can I make my ice machine produce more ice?

A. Make sure the condenser is clean and has proper air flow. Remember the higher the ambient temperature the less ice the machine will produce.