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Norbec Repairs and Maintenance

Refrigerated Space For A Variety Of Kitchens

norbec-logo Specializing in prefabricated cold rooms, walk-in coolers and freezers since 1982, Norbec is a leader in designing door and frame systems that combine the highest level of efficiency and durability in the industry. Custom built to your specifications, Norbec refrigerator and freezer doors are efficient solutions for your needs and are a must in the cold room and refrigerated warehouse industry. Various options are available to meet the specific needs of restaurants, hotels, reception centers, cafeterias, and institutions.

Norbec Cold Room Maintenance

Planned maintenance for cold rooms and refrigeration will help stop premature failures, extend the life of Norbec’s systems and ensure that all your Norbec equipment is running at its peak efficiency.


  • Panels must be cleaned with a soft cloth and soap (PH level close to 8 cleaner). Panel must not be in contact with corrosive agents.
  • If a high-pressure washer is used, do not apply water jet directly to silicone joints.
  • To avoid deterioration of heater cable, do not shoot water under doorsill plate.

Every Month

  • Check the pressure-relief valve. The valve comes with an inside flap that opens and closes when a pressure variation occurs within the room.
  • Verify door heater cable on the door perimeter. If cable if functioning normally the doorframe will be slightly hot (on freezer door).
  • Verify thermometer precision and adjust if necessary.

Every 6 Months

  • Lubricate hardware (door hardware, etc.). Use white all-purpose grease (preferably lithium base). Door hinges with nylon cams do not require lubrication.
  • Verify if silicone needs replacement, if so, remove old silicone and replace it.

Every 6 Months To 1 Year: Maintenance By An Authorized Refrigeration Contractor

  • Verify the refrigeration cycle.
  • Verify condenser fins. (Air-cooled unit).
  • Verify evaporator coil fins.
  • Verify evaporator drains line and pan.
  • Regularly verify the proximity of the refrigeration unit to avoid aspiration of dirt in the condenser (air-cooled unit).

Refrigeration System

ProblemsCausePossible Solution
The cold room temperature is too high.Thermostat is improperly Set.Change the thermostat setting (see point 3 of the refrigeration system section in this User Manual).
Air cooler’s air intake temperature is too high (air-cooled systems).Check the air cooler’s intake temperature with a thermometer. If it is above 32°C / 90°F, install adequate mechanical ventilation to ensure that air intake temperature remains below 32°C / 90°F.
Defrost Cycle is running.It is normal for the temperature to rise during defrost cycles (see point 3 of the refrigeration system section in this User Manual).
Cold room is subjected to excessive trafficWhile the system’s capabilities are designed to take into account frequent traffic., it is possible that the doors remain open too long. Strive to reduce how often and how long the doors are opened.

The evaporator is full of iceCold room contains overly warm products (The temperature of the new order of prepared food which was just received is more then 5°F above the specified temperature).The cold room is designed to maintain the specified temperature. However, no load is provided for cooling foods at temperatures that are more than 5°F above the specified temperature.
Refrigerator temperature is too close to freezingChange the thermostat setting (See point 3 of the Refrigeration System section in this User Manual).
Two few defrost cycles were set or cycles are too short.Add a defrost cycle or lengthen the current cycles (See point 3 of the refigeration system section in this User Manual).
Back, sides and/or underside of the evaporator are obstructedRemove anything that may be obstructing the evaporator’s sides, back or underside

Water is dripping from the evaporator onto the floor.Drain is frozenCheck whether the heater cable is functioning and has been correctly installed.
Evaporator drain is incorrectly installedCheck connections for watertightness. Check the drainage slope.
Drain is blocked.Have the drained cleaned.