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True Repair and Maintenance

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

True has been an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment and other high-performance cooling appliances for the food service industry for 70 years. True provides a wide range of products with quality materials, innovative design and top-notch performance including coolers, refrigerators, and freezers to keep your food cold and fresh.

Energy Efficient Refrigeration

True manufactures sustainable refrigeration systems with shorter run times, lower energy consumption and the industry’s coldest holding temperatures. They have reduced its carbon footprint with the use of an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290. True is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing by meeting and surpassing the energy standards without sacrificing performance. By using oversized, higher capacity, balanced refrigeration systems, True out performs industry efficiency expectations.

True Refrigeration Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

The most common failures on refrigeration equipment are due to inadequate service maintenance. Improperly maintained systems cause higher energy prices and lower cooling capability, not to mention a potential loss of product, furthering your expense and adding to your repair headache. The 3-year parts and labour warranty plus True’s exclusive 5-year compressor/condensing unit warranty is one of the top coverage providers in the industry. Loss or spoilage of products in your refrigerator/ freezer is not covered by warranty. Common refrigeration problems can be avoided with a regularly Planned Maintenance program and simple DIY steps in between service calls.

Cleaning the Condenser

  • The condenser looks like a group of vertical fins. You need to be able to see through the condenser for the unit to function at maximum capacity. Do not place filter material in front of condensing coil. This material blocks airflow to the coil similar to having a dirty coil.
  • If you keep the condenser clean you will minimize your service expense and lower your electrical costs. Follow the detailed steps as prescribed in the True Installation Manual for your specific unit.
  • Proper cleaning involves removing dust from the condenser by using a soft brush, or vacuuming the condenser with a Shop-Vac, or using CO2, nitrogen, or pressurized air.
**If you cannot remove the dirt adequately, please call for our refrigeration service.

How to Clean the Condenser

Traditional Reach-ins T-SERIES® — Models T-23, T-49, and TSD 69 On most of the True reach-in units the condenser is accessible in the rear of the unit. You must remove the cabinet grill to expose the condenser. **Use caution to avoid eye injury. Eye protection is recommended.
  1. Disconnect the electrical power to the unit.
  2. Remove the louvered grill.
  3. Vacuum or brush the dirt, lint, or debris from the finned condenser coil.
  4. If you have significant dirt buildup you can blow out the condenser with compressed air.
  5. When finished, be sure to replace the louvered grill. The grill protects the condenser.
  6. Reconnect the electrical power to the unit.

Important Warranty Information

  • Condensers accumulate dirt and require cleaning every 30 days or as needed.
  • Dirty condensers result in compressor failure, product loss, and lost sales, which are not covered by warranty.
  • The cleaning of the condenser is not covered by the warranty.